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Our Rates...

I can make more generals, but horses cost money.
-- Abraham Lincoln

Below is a listing of our services and rates, but please note these rates should be used as a guideline - for more precise figures, please arrange for a personal consultation to discuss your needs, and to find out about our discounts and other value-adds...

Phoenix Rate Table 2012
Service Rate Notes
Audio Mixing Inquire Per track, discount for full album
Audio Mastering Inquire Per track, discount for full album
Music Video Development Inquire Includes direction, shoot, and post
Voiceovers Nrs. 2500 per hour Does not include payment to talent
Other Video Development Nrs. 2500 per hour sFX, (sub)Titling, conversions, etc.
Writing and Editing Nrs. 2500 per hour Business docs, scripts, etc.
Website Development Nrs. 2000 per hour Graphic Design, Programming, etc.
Complete Rock Star Package Nrs. 175,000 Includes mix & master single CD, one Music Video, Website, and YouTube posting