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Phoenix Studios FAQs

  • Q. I'm confused, what exactly can you do for me?
  • A. That's the beauty of this studio - we can do anything you need in regards to A/V creation and production, from scripting to pressing DVDs, or from creating storyboards to creating a YouTube channel chocked full with your productions. It's a 1-stop shop!

  • Q. Where are you located, and do you work with clients outside of Kathmandu Nepal?
  • A. Our offices are located in Lalitpur District, Kathmandu - and we do work with folks all over the world...thanks to the Internet. We use SendThisFile, and you can too!

  • Q. Do you accept checks or credit cards for payment?
  • A. Yes, we take local and international checks, and to pay by credit card - just send funds to our paypal account below...