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Phoenix Workshops and Training

Even before we had a place to call home, Phoenix Studios staff have been offering training and one-on-one tutorials within the community. Jiggy Gaton (CEO) has delivered countless hours of training in Nepal and South Asia, and has trained thousands of students in the fine arts of presentation, writing and editing, business planning, and in all forms of Audio/Visual technique.

The studio is now home to our own version of The School of Rock, where we give lessons on music and video production, sans Jack Black.

We have also developed training especially for aid workers, who make up a large chunk of our clientele, and in this way Phoenix Studios hopes to help you save the planet.

In addition to direct training and tutorials, Jiggy writes like a madman every week, and has collected his tech articles (for example, from Republica and ECS Magazine) on his blog.

Currently Available Phoenix Training Packages
The Power to Persuade: Visual Communication
The Power to Plan: Project Management
School of Rock: Film Editing
School of Rock: Audio Production
How to Professionally Edit Documents
Professional Writing: You Can Do It!
* Some packages can be delivered in-house, or at a venue of your choosing.