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Training for Creatives, in Audio & Video Technique

T.S. Eliot once said "Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity" so at Phoenix we strive to first remove that from the equation. You can do it. And we can help - no matter how technical the task.

Our School of Rock offers you a way to quickly learn the basics in an anxiety-free environment, giving you the tools and techniques needed back at your own workplace.

Whether you need to learn Final Cut Pro to cut your next music video, or you need to know ProTools to mix your own tracks, we can help with our School of Rock training packages.

But how to use the tools is not all you can learn from us: script writing, storyboard production and shooting techniques are also some of the topics we can cover for you.

Classes are held both in and out of the Studio, in comfortable surroundings that spur both your creativity and focus.

I needed to know how to cut and edit footage while on Mt. Everest, and I had just one week; Jiggy made that so! -- Gerry Moffatt, Gerry Moffatt Expeditions